Easily Repair Corrupted Bad Sector in Hard Disk

A sector on a computer's flash memory or disk drive is converted into a bad sector when the particular sector of the hard drive or computer flash memory gets physically damaged or any sort of corruption or damage occurs. Bad sector in the hard drive is a major reason contributing to data loss situation in your system. In some unfortunate condition you may loss your important files and folders from your system due to the bad sector in the hard drive . In that situation you need to go for bad sector repair to recover lost data from the corrupted hard disk.

The basic reasons of problems in the bad sector of storage medium are as :-

  • The mechanical fault in storage device.
  • Due to the mechanical weakening of the domain.
  • Unexpected power shut down.
  • Corrupted add-ins installed in the system.
  • Mal ware infection in the system.
  • Read write operations during disruptions.

Due to all these problems in the bad sector it causes loss of data from your system. So, to perform bad sector repair the users can take help of updated backup. And this updated backup help the users to recovers their data easily. On the other side suppose you don't have backup then you should try to take help from third party software.

Bad sector repair tool is a comprehensive tool for recovery of data. It is very effective tool that easily repair corrupted data from the system and it helps in recovering of your lost data. Some of the advance features of bad sector repair tool :-

  • It easily repair the corrupted and damaged sector of hard disk.
  • It repair a complete drive of bad sector.

The third party software is helpful in many instances of disk problems. After repairing it makes disk reusable and it solves the problem of installation in operating system. The software comes with advance technical features which helps in recovery of data easily.


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Processor: Pentium or similar processor

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003

Memory: Minimum 64MB RAM

Disk: Requires floppy disk drive or CDRW drive available on the computer